Monday, February 15, 2010

Art Festivals in the Grove

This weekend was the big Arts Festival weekend in Coconut Grove.
I thought I would take you on a mini-tour of my favorite booths starting at the St. Stephen's Arts Festival and then moving into the Coconut Grove Arts Festival.

This blue framed beauty (exceptionally priced) is from, Bailey Jack . Bailey was such a nice woman and a pleasure to talk to. Her work is all made on reclaimed wood, so not only is her work pretty--but it's green!

This cat, I just thought was fun. You open up the cat belly and there's a burger inside. Fun! The artist, Jeffrey Kennedy
has a great sense of humor.

This booth was another great find! Dianne and Chuck, of The New Homestead, are unique artists. They take old silverware and turn it into, cuffs, rings, barrettes, hooks, vases, pens...etc. They are so pretty (and affordable) that I bought a ring and a bracelet.
I told Chuck about my love for spoons, and he told me I can send him any spoon I want and they'll make it into whatever I want! Love it!

Then there was this booth which made me wish for money to spend.
Joe DeCamillis takes books, and paints miniature oil paintings and you can see to the left, makes these treasures. This wall reminded me of D and our organist friend CH. I knew they would enjoy these. Take a look on Joe's website
for a look at his other imaginative pieces.

This was the last booth I really liked at St. Stephen's....after this we walked over to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. This was the 47th year of this nationally acclaimed show. This year the show had a special place in my heart since I was on the jury for the 3-D pieces, jewelry, sculpture, fiber, furniture...etc. It was really neat seeing booths I had previewed of a few months ago.

If you have lived in Miami for sometime you know this artist. Federico Carosio

Federico has an incredible way of capturing the manner in which light dances on some of our streets in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and the Keys.
D loves his work, and this was definitely one of those booths we BOTH wish has money to spend! I would love to own one of his paintings looking down Columbus Avenue, as the street is near our first house "together".

I am normally not one for "art" jewelry---everything starts to look like silver art teacher jewelry...but now and then something comes around that is really unique.

That's what I thought about Melissa Schmidt's jewelry when I first saw it. I love the glass balls with treasures inside. This red one was my absolute favorite! I really wish I'd gotten it. Here is her shop on etsy for you to visit and fall in love with.

This was another booth that caught my eye. Again, I am not one for "art" clothing. Not to sound like a broken record here, but I am not one for the "art teacher" look---this is why you will never see me in a Chico's unless I am with my mom.
Anyhow, this booth as you can see breaks that mold-- Shu Juan Lu . I fell in love with these pieces. Each one was stunning and they are works of art as this, the Circle Collection will be in a museum exhibit soon.

Here was a booth that all three of us (D and our music man friend CH) wanted to have money to spend in. Kreg Yingst loves music, and his work is a demonstration of that. First of all, he has great music playing in his booth...secondly he is witty...and what is better than witty art to a great soundtrack?

Kreg plays with some of your favorite albums, artists and songs. Don't like Rock? Well, no worries, his work ranges from rock to country, blues and jazz. His work is also affordable!

This booth was vibrant, witty, affordable and all in all splendid. The Paulsons
Their art work looks like postcards from your favorite spots. All three of us found pieces we wanted here. I took a look on their website and it is really easy to fall in love with more pieces. If you need one of these gems in your life, it's as easy as picking up your phone and ordering. Definitely worth it!

So, you may have noticed by now that my taste in art is rather whimsical. I love the mood that art can set in a home. Over the past 9 years we have been building our collection, but before that, I started picking up pieces here and there. This booth was a little out of my price range, but delicious! Artists, Jim and Tori Mullan create gems! I really would love one of these little birds one day. My favorite was the bird on the binoculars. I encourage you to take a look for yourself, because they jewels were affordable as well as some of their other pieces.

My mom lives on Key Biscayne, and I use to before getting engaged. Growing up spending my weekends on "the Key" I fell in love with the beach. There is nothing like sitting under and umbrella and feeling the sand in between your toes.
Local artist, Lynne Libby, captures the essence of our beaches. She normally does just sea and sky, but did a few with my favorite tree, the Sea Grape tree. This one I fell in love with and would buy in a heart beat!

I also fell in love with this guy. Then I learned that the artist, Robin Anne Cooper takes commissions! Robin just brings out the joy in her subjects without trying at all.
She was busy when I got the her booth, and after looking on her site, I realize it's because her work is really affordable. I would love to have a big Ms. Maggie like this. Take a look on her site and take a look at her humorous pieces.

My music man friend CH was drawn by this booth shortly after I was. Signe uses colors in such a pretty way. Her figures have no faces, which is cool...because I automatically put people I know in them. Definitely worth taking a look at her work.

I am going to sound like a broken record. I'm not one for glass, BUT...Susan Knecht had this fun jellyfish lamp. Fun eh? She also had beautifully blown chandeliers.

I really liked this's saddle literally comes off the canvas. The artist, Lyons, says he tries to bring our the power and beauty from his subjects. To learn more, email him,

These were amazing! Made from glass, these gems were each fascinating and intricate. Peter Muller and Joe Peters work as a team, and what incredible work comes from this collaboration.
You should really take a look at their websites and see what they are working on.

Last but not least, is the art of Lynn Whipple. I have been a fan of her work for at least 6 years.
It is just plain, whimsical. I wish I had money to spend in her booth, every year! Her work just keeps getting better! Take a look for yourself.

So those were my favorites. I could have easily spent a lot of money! I hope you will find some pieces of your own to fall in love with and perhaps even bring into your home.


  1. I loved reading every single bit of this post! I almost felt like I was there! And I'm so sad that I wasn't, btw. Now because of our big blizzard I have weekend classes for awhile and that puts a major cramp in my Miami-style.

    Anyway, it looks like you guys had a great time and saw some fabulous art! There were so many things you wrote about that I just loved.

  2. So great..I only got to breeze through quickly this year. Couldn't get over the admission charge!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jess- you were terribly missed. We WILL give you some Miami time this year! It WILL happen! :)

    KP- I was fortunate enough to have passes for 2 due to being on the jury. It was expensive!