Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"J" is for Julia

Julia was born way back in September...and I am a bad tia-madrina for not being done with her "J" yet. You may remember the original sketches from months ago...if not I've inserted it here to the right.

Tonight I am happy to say that I sketched it out onto canvas!

...and I started painting it. It's not the only painting I worked on tonight. I also started painting Adi's monogram and I also did a few sketches for baby Carlos. I think I've sketched out my favorite idea for baby Carlos.

I also did some sketches for something I've always wanted to paint. A cock. ...now, now...get your mind out of the gutter, when I say cock, I mean rooster. I love roosters.

But I'm showing off the "J" tonight. I'll show you the rest over the course of the week.