Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Painting List

Last night I started putting together a list of sketches i want to bring to canvas this summer....
1. Brontosaurus Love (a.ka. apatasaurus love)
2. Mermaids (curls, heavy &?)
3. Dos Pinos
4. Hojas Verdes
5. Two Palms
6. 5 Little Pigs
7. Los Pollitos Dicen...
8. Princess
9. Bay of Pigs
10. Double Banyon
any other ideas? requests?


  1. Hey Ceci...what about a sketch of that old spanish children's song...not sure if you know it but it goes:
    "Un elefante se balanceaba sobre la tela de una arana...Como veia que resistia...fue a llamar a otro elefante"
    A big elephant balancing on a silly yet cute! =)

  2. I want Los pollitos y un elefante for Philip's room - or el burrito enfermo?

  3. Mari- el burrito enfermo? enlighten me!! :)