Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last Night's Work

There are various animals that I adore...most are fairy tale animals, such as our friend the Frog Prince. I have several Frog Prince figurines in my office at home...and I have been meaning to paint him. So this summer he made the list. I think I'll keep the color combo and make his crown metallic.

This is the great Queen Bee...I've been meaning to paint her for a while, as i do love me a bee...Not sure what color the background will be yet. Her crown will definitely be a metallic gold! I mean...she is la reina no?!

These are two of the sketches I worked on last night. Inspired by my DC travels and ventures into Vineyard Vines...these are the new crabs in my life. There is another new crab on the crab.
I did some more work for commissions last night...but this is some of the summer list I hammered out.
Let me know your thoughts and follow along!! Thanks again for all your ideas and most of all, your support!
ps- Happy Father's Day!


  1. Oh dear, so much royalty . . . I love it! I adore the frog prince (as you know, Petah is always first with both of us!) and the queen bee is lovely, too. And, now we have a king crab to add to our collection -- life is good!

  2. Hey J- Yeah I know...I think you can never have to many royals in your circle of friends. I hope you like the end result of them all. Thanks for the comment and following along.