Saturday, June 20, 2009

it has begun...

So tonight I started all the official sketching for summer painting. I also finalized the list of what I am going to paint...and friends, it's going to be a BUSY couple of months for this one.
I have decided that in July I am going to focus on the gifts and commissioned paintings...of which there are a total of 10:
baby A
baby CC
baby L
baby M
baby J
baby G
baby R
baby K
baby C
baby S
UNC Basketball
Buddy and Bailey
then in August I will focus on the show...
pumpkin pie
apple pie
book stack
brontosaurus love
mermaid in curlers
dos pinos
hojas verdes
double banyon
two palms
5 little bigs
los pollitos dicen
frog prince
queen bee
king crab
crab cake
bowl of cherries
dallas hall
silver clouds
sugar cookies here we go.

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  1. post the giraffe one, i'd love to see it