Friday, June 12, 2009

DC Day 1

So Day 1 in DC was lovely...although there was an hour delay leaving Miami thanks to some panel....
alas do not worry the hour wasn't bad, I read Time and People front to back...and was serenaded by a pair of dueling toddler brothers in the row in front of me...awesome!
Point is, I made it!
Jess got me and we drove into Georgetown to her cute little blue house with the white door...
After dropping bags, we hit the ground running and went over to M street for lunch at Clydes (Blue Moon and burger) then a little shoppy shop, J.Crew, Anthro, VINEYARD VINES style...that's right, I love my VV cherry. It was GREAT! We came back to Chez Morse, and took the pups to Rock Creek Park...up a hike to a place called, "The Meadow" which reminded me of the Meadow in Twilight (only Edward was missing...*sigh).
Then...dinner at Paolo's with Dudley, who never fails to make me laugh. His stories of working on the Hill for a LA Senator are classic...
3 Sangrias and one scary walk to Georgetown later (scary because of the infamous Exorcist stairs and Don playing the music to it when we were stumped and called him)...we went to sleep.'s now 7:30am on Day 2.

...sorry I don't have pics to share yet, but I will when I get back. In the meantime...follow the adventures along live on Twitter...where I am @Dubonics.

...and yes, the sketch book was broken in and I am happy witht he work so far.

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