Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Threads: All I Want for Christmas

This month I am going to be sharing some great gift ideas...primarily inspired by things I want, I think my child wants, and I think my friends want. Today, we're going to look at a few things I want.

This necklace is on the top of my list. Yes, I know I have a lot of baubles, but there are some classic things that every girl should have. This necklace is from J.Crew and is a beautiful classic piece. It's available now for $165. Good for daily wear and for a special occasion, a definite addition to any collection!

Then I found this stunner courtesy of our friend Kate Spade. The clutch is called "Knock on Woodpecker" and it too can be yours for $328.  It is beyond adorable and such a twist on the normal run of the mill evening clutch.
I also really like these fun flats from our friends at the Gap. Camo is a neutral so you could wear them in the same way you would wear brown shoes. They are $40 and very versatile. The Gap's flats are fantastic! They are comfortable, long lasting and affordable!

So there you have it, something at various price points that only would make me happy...but could make lots of girls happy!

Happy Shopping!



  1. Love love love that wood clutch. its so unexpected but chic! The necklace is also stunning!

    1. I know right? Kate Spade always surprises me with treasures! :) Hope you are well. xoxo

  2. I love your style. As always. No surprises.