Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: From the Swap

Every few months my friends and I get together for a tradition we call, a "Sip n Swap". You may have heard of these, you may have even participated in one...but if you have not, basically the way it works is you bring clean out your closet. You gather clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, home goods etc from your home and bring them to the swap. Everything get organized according to category, you count off into groups and then each group gets 5 minutes to get 2 things they like in the first round, 5 minutes for 3 things they like in the second round and 5 minutes to get 4 things they like in the third round. After that it is a "free for all" without time. Everything that is not claimed, gets donated to walk away with a cleaner closet and new free clothes! It's really the best. This is the swap part...the sip part comes from drinking wine and eating nibbles while you wait your turn.
This past Sunday my friends and I had a big swap, inviting about 20 women to join in on the fun, and fun it was! I find myself these days meeting people and automatically qualifying them as swap worthy or not. Fortunately for me, there were enough people in my size with great things. Today I am wearing a swap item mixed with pieces of my own.

1. Ray Ban cat eye glasses
2. Turquoise and gold bead necklace
3. Silver side cross necklace
4. Black knit top, Banana Republic (old)
5. Green and black houndstooth skirt, Go International (swap)
6. Gold double scroll bracelet, J.Crew (old)
7. Black patened leather Reva Flat, Tory Burch

If you have never done this with you friends, I highly reccomend it. If  you want the full list of "rules" I'll be more than happy to share them with you.



  1. I have done this and it is so fun!! I always come away with a great item or 2

    Art by Karena

  2. Yeah I've been testing out some of the items this week to see if they will really work or not. So far I'm 50/50! :)