Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Threads: Kristin Pearce is at it AGAIN!

My good friend, the very talented Ms. Kristin Pearce went a little jewelry making crazy and designed some new beautiful pieces for her collection this summer. Last night I was with Kristin at a meeting (you can read about it on her fun blog here) and not only did I finally get the single pearl on the long gold chain pictured below, but I also got my birthday present from her, this other fun necklace she sells on her website. I want to buy the everyting on her website. It's all classic and therefore worth the investment. Plus, her treasures are priced beautifully! No reason to stop with just one piece!   

This is one of my favorites. I have (and am wearing) some of KP's other pearl bracelets. This one is a fun and colorful take on her timeless classic. I love this!

These bracelets are so pretty you, you really could wear them everyday! I can think of a few people who would too!

This is one of those pieces I am going to wear over and over and over again! I love it. I have it on today! ...and at only $45 you should get one too!

This beauty was around Ms. Pearce's necklast night and it took a lot for me NOT to snag it off her neck right then and there. I love it, I want it...I need it.

So be sure to LIKE Kristin Pearce Designs on Facebook so you know what the latest treasures are, and also be sure to follow her blog. It's a fun read!

Happy Shopping!



  1. You rock Ceci..thanks so much for the post!!!! I am very attached to that turquoise necklace with the pearl!!! xo

    1. KP you rock! That necklace is amazing! Tonight at the museum opening tons of people asked about my pearl, and I pointed them your way! ;) xoxo