Monday, June 18, 2012

Music Monday: Fostering Houdini

Hello and  Happy Monday! For those of you who are father's, have father's love father's ...whatever, I hope you had a nice Father's Day weekend. Today, I am putting the spotlight on Foster the People. You probably know them from their song, Pumped Up Kicks, which is a great song. So, naturally I was hoping this band of three wouldn't just be another hipster friendly one hit band, and it turns out they are not. Their song, Houdini is another great tune! Like their other singles, it is upbeat, playful and unique in it's sound. It is hard to sit still when you hear this song. The video for it is pretty funny too, one of those videos that would have been a classic standard on MTV's TRL (remember when MTV was still playing SOME music?). I hope you enjoy it.

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