Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Florals, Pink and Navy

Yes, I always wear a sweater. I have several reasons... 1. My office is cold  2. I think I have fat arms  3. OK, so I have two reasons, but a list of two is just not as impressive as a list of three reasons. So, even though it's over 90 degrees outside, I'm wearing a cardigan. Yesterday, I promised the teen interns at the museum that I would wear pink pants (a la D.Wade) if they did. So here I am today, wearing hot pink pants...and many of them opted to wear something pink too. There's a great picture of us on Facebook in our varying pink ensembles. So, this is my pink ensemble...

1. Torta, Ray Ban Wayfarer
2.  Pearl earrings
3. Navy & cream open cardigan, Ann Taylor
4. Multicolor floral chiffon top, Cabi
5. Hot pink skinny jeans, Cabi
6. Cream & light gold flats, Tahari

I told the teens, tomorrow I am wearing cobalt blue. Let's see how many of them follow my lead.


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