Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tar Heels...

So the secret commission I was working on...got picked up tonight, so I can share what it looked like in the process of making and the finished product.
My childhood friend Elisabeth is the eldest of three. Her baby brother, Ben is not only not a baby anymore...but he is an engaged recent graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. Ben's adorable fiancee, Kate thought it would be fun to give him a special and unique graduation gift. THAT is where I came into the picture.
Ben not only loves UNC and Kate...but he also loves basket ball. Thus...the UNC '09 basketball.
As a big NCAA basketball fan, and a big fan of Ben and Kate's I am so happy that this will be a special painting for them that will hopefully be in their home as they married in the spring of 2010 and live happily ever after!

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