Friday, August 7, 2009

Dream Office Studio

So I was thinking about what my dream studio/office would look like. First of all each wall would have a use-- one wall would most definitely have to be basically a huge window to let in all the natural light available. It'd be better if it was a hinged glass garage door of sorts that I could roll up and open the room up to the backyard or some sort of small garden- maybe with some seating.
Another wall would have to be a bookshelf. I have so many books- and I am always picking something up -- I it would have to accommodate my books and have room for growth. This wall would have a ladder and also a system for movable framed art-- this is one wall I have dreamt of for a very long time!
Another wall would have to be a magnetic chalkboard wall-- this would be the home to things like my famous "punch lists" and for all my other lists, like websites to visit and ideas for paintings would be sketched all over this wall.

And lastly the fourth wall would have to be a cork board wall. This is something that I just recently added to my wish list--- but I have always had a happy wall in my office spaces at work. I'd love to have one at home. A place to put pictures, my buttons, postcards...mind maps...all sorts of great things!

In this wonderful room of mine I would have a chandelier. Why? Well because I love chandeliers in unexpected places...offices, dressing rooms, my light fixture would definitely be a chandelier.
Furniture is easy! I'd love a barn door as my door. Then for a desk, one of my greatest friends in the world Jessica (Singleton in the Kitchen) has the most beautiful desk--its a solid pine door painted in red. I LOVE IT!
But I want people to come and enjoy my office space with a ghost chair...maybe a yum chair to sink into like a Barcelona chair with ottoman in black-- a side table of stacked old suitcases or some acrylic nesting tables with a great lamp...
It wouldn't be my office without music and TV though--- so a flat screen would maybe be mounted on my chalkboard wall---and I'd just have good speakers for my computer to pump my itunes library through.
I wouldn't be able to have carpet-- so probably just a fun area rug I could roll up for painting time....

so yeah....that's my dream office/studio....

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  1. I love your dream office! You and I share some similar wants -- though that comes as no surprise! I think about my dream office and dream kitchen from time to time. My door is solid birch, but other than that you got it right! I love the barn door idea.