Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nessie...I think I love you...

So I have been painting all weekend long (only taking breaks for meals and socializing occasionally). One of the paintings I finished was a spur of the moment topic. know...the Loch Ness Monster. Now...I know that Nessie doesn't have the spikes traditionally...but to me she does.

So here is the progress of Nessie.

First I selected a size and sketched her out. I did consult with my art critic who thought I should make her a triptych...but instead I made her
fit all in one canvas.

Then I started painting layer at a time she started to come together.

I did finish her...but I've decided to keep her under wraps until she hangs on the wall at Books & Books in the Gables next month.

Along with Nessie, I painted another Mermaid...Double Banyons...5 Little Piggies and a request from earlier this summer which I blogged about, Los Pollitos Dicen-Pio,Pio,Pio.

I hope you are enjoying the progress of my summer painting list.

...and I hope you will come out in September on Gallery Night in Coral Gables and see the paintings live and in living color.

As usual...thanks for the support! I'll have 5 more paintings by the end of next weekend.

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  1. Oh, Nessie. What a cute name for a monster. Of course, he looks more like a friendly monster, doesn't he? That's what I choose to believe. Sorry I've been so haphazard with commenting. It's my last session with the devil children, and then I am blissfully back in school. Although, this does mean the end of summer. Sadness. Miss you.