Thursday, August 20, 2009

Round and Round

I just had lunch with a friend who has a keen eye for art galleries, their set ups...and being on a committee for the arts, he also knows what he's talking about.
He was asking me about the show--and asking what was going to come back from my last show. I told him I wasn't planning on bringing anything...and he said, "You should bring back a couple of strong ones that haven't been seen in public in a while."
So with that in mind....these are two of the pieces I am thinking of bringing back.
"Rolling Hills" and "Redheaded Mermaid"
The nice thing about these is that they do thematically match up with some of my new pieces, such as "Double Banyan" and "Mermaid 3" . I may also bring back, "Key Lime Pie".
So round and round we go---where we'll stop---nobody knows!

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