Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week-Ender 54-55

Two wonderful weeks which welcomed a puppy for my nieces, a scooter for C, mother's day, cinco de mayo, my last board meeting as VP Community for the Junior League of Miami, site visits, Great Gatsby with friends, biking to work and the undeniable approach of summer!
C with her cousin's puppy

C and her new scooter

Tacos, Tequilas and Margaritas

Student art work

Our final board meeting

love this look

driving out of Calle Ocho


Historic school buildings

Jay & Daisy

Gatsby Gaggle

Our last morning with the Teen Miami teens, it was a wonderful 3 years!

Mother's Day

Our last JLM GMM of the year

love this look

biking to work (yes, i was only working 7 blocks away)

I got the golden egg for a great thought

Gables view

An unexpected letter

Miami spice

Beaux Arts End of the Year Party at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club

Sunday brunch

I hope you had a great week! I hope this coming week is productive, joyful and positive! 


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