Monday, May 13, 2013

Music Monday: The Great Gatsby

This weekend XM was showcasing the soundtrack to the latest edition of The Great Gatsby on the silver screen. When you read this classic novel, or if you have seen previous incarnations, the music is evocative of the time the novel is set in, the hot summer of 1922. When you see Baz Lurhmann's version of the novel, it is risky and the music matches. Cole Porter and JZ haven't had too much in common until now.  The traditionalists have not been happy with the lack of classic jazz, but if you look at the film for its aesthetic, then it kind of fits in. Personally, I liked it and there are some songs that I really enjoyed.  Have you seen the film or heard its soundtrack?
 Here is a list of the songs I like...
1. Back to Black by Beyonce and Andre 300
2. Bang Bang by
3. Young and Beautiful by Lana del Rey
4. Over the Love (of you) by Florence + The Machine

Hope you had a great weekend and I hope music makes your Monday lovely! 



  1. Oh I absolutely loved it all the musical score, the fabulous costume designs so far of the year!

    Art by Karena

    1. I hope to see it again soon!! :)

  2. I saw it today--yay baby day at the movies. LOVED the music. And everythinga bout it!

    1. I want to see it again! So great! Just read it, but started re-reading for 3rd time in my life!

  3. I've basically been obsessed since the musical "teaser" was released! I love it! Gives me chills. And it's the perfect music to listen to while slowly making my way through Fitzgerald's other novels!