Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Threads: Going Gatsby

It seems like this happens every few years...the anticipation of one movie causes people to throw theme parties, designers to show off their film inspired wares and before we know it we've all cut our hair and have multiple beaded dresses hanging in our closets. This year it seems like we're all going ga-ga for Gatsby. Here are a few things you might want to wear next time you're on West Egg on your way to Gatsby's.
Kate Spade has this beautiful clutch which looks like you're carrying around great Scott's book is perfect! It's currently on sale too!

These Eddie flats by Tory Burch are perfect for a Gatsby gathering. They are fabulous...and did I mention they are on sale too?

 Then you have Tiffany's who takes the cake.They have an entire collection inspired by the film and roaring 20's. The piece de resistance is this headband which can be yours for a mere $200,000...pennies really. It is stunning after all.           

So happy shopping! 



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    1. Isn't it fantastic!? It's on sal e

  2. This movie is really taking many of us back to another era!
    I am so excited to the The Great Gatsby on Friday!
    Art by Karena

    1. Karena, did you see it? Did you like it?

  3. Wow, what decadence! Sorry I've been so MIA lately - been swamped with work, etc. Please come over and enter my give-away. xo

    1. No worries! Isn't it amazing? Have you seen the film yet?