Friday, May 18, 2012

Week-Ender 3

Here is a view of my past week in pictures. I hope you enjoy everything from my adventures on the people mover to a concert at the historic Barnacle House, bath time with le bebe, ensembles and everything in between! Hope you had a great week and may your weekend be wonderful!

Purple guy on people mover

Barnacle House (home of Commodore Ralph Monroe), Coconut Grove

Mini at Deblois' concert at the Barnacle

Only in Miami

I am.

New specs

Student art work at the Museum of HistoryMiami

Light fixture at the historic Merrick House, Coral Gables

Rain on the garden at the Merrick House

Bed spread at the Merrick House

The Merrick House a.k.a. the Coral Gables House

Vintage necklace from Back-in-Style

Black skinnies and gold revas

Mother's Day flowers

Rainy morning

fashion on the people mover

Brickell Station

Bath time!


Meeting of the minds at Balans

Friday I'm in Love

Friday colors

Friday arm candy



  1. LOVE the pic of your adorable daughter! The leopard looks great with the red too

    1. Thank you!! I love leopard and red...they are complete neutrals to me! :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! :) Hope you had a great weekend.