Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Threads: Horses, Hats and Tequila Oh My!

Greetings! It is Thursday yet again and I have some fun things for you to wear for Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby, which lucky for us land on the SAME day this year! I also have some pretty and comfortable finds for your regular day to day wears. 

Old Navy does it again with this white dress at $34.94. Who wouldn't want to wear this dress to a party this weekend for Cinco de Mayo?! It's great...I'm really trying hard NOT to run out and get it for our 9th Annual Tacos, Tequilas and Margaritas Dinner Party. It also comes in a really pretty orange color.
This is another little gem from Old Navy this week that comes in navy and orange as well. It is $34.94 so another affordable addition to your collection. I think it's perfect for a Kentucky Derby party this Saturday.

These pants are brought to you by The Gap and will run you $49.95. I just love the color, I think its a great shade to wear in the spring and well into the summer. If you pair them with a nice sweater you can even wear them in the fall...because to me BLUE is a neutral.

Also from The Gap and at the same price of $49.95 is this maxi skirt. First of all it looks beyond comfortable. I just want to throw on a colorful tank top and some sandals and call it a day in this thing. Secondly, I love a stripe.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. By the way, I own the maternity version of that striped maxi skirt and I love love love it! I also live in it so I wish I'd bought 2, because I have a feeling it will be threadbare in a few more weeks