Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Art Corner Tuesday: Twins = Double the Love

Another happy mom! Yesterday I dropped off 3 lockets to this proud mama of beautiful twin boys who was gifting the large oval to herself and the two smaller ovals are for the grandma's for Mother's Day! I love the way they turned out---and I love that she has her boys on one side and her dog on the other side of her large oval.
Yesterday I also caught up on some Nate Berkus shows I had not watched yet, and he had on as a guest a woman who designs lockets like mine but sells them for thousands of dollars. She and Nate talked about how beautiful wearing a locket can be and how special they are...and I could not agree more! I love wearing my locket and I love seeing the look of joy on people's faces when I deliver their lockets to them. They really are one of the most special things to wear, to give and to cherish. A wearable heirloom! So for  your next birthday, anniversary, special holiday or just because...think about gifting a cSd locket. They'll out live any flower and are lower in calories than chocolate!
Large glass and sterling silver locket with 28" sterling silver chain, $100

Small glass and sterling silver locket with 20" sterling silver chain, $75


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    1. Thanks! Perhaps when the new wee one arrives and you do photos... xoxo