Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Threads: Cardigans and Broches brought to you by Guest Blogger Sheffield MacIntyre

This Alice & Olivia cotton cardigan sweater is a whopping $330!  Here, Sheffield MacIntyre from shows you how you can do it yourself for around $100.  Our example even includes a cashmere sweater, and will only set you back $145, still less than half of the Alice & Olivia version.
First find, any cardigan sweater that fits you well.  It can be cotton, cashmere, silk, what ever feels and fits best.  The one shown above is a vintage Neiman Marcus cream cashmere sweater, and only costs $75!
Then, find a few vintage rhinestone brooches that you like.  They can be ones you already have in your closet, or that you find at a vintage store or flea market.  Choose colors that fit into your wardrobe, and motifs that you like.  This will likely be a conversation piece, so pick pins that you will want talk about, or that have a story behind them.  The rhinestone brooches pictured above cost between $10 and $35.  Pin on as many or as few brooches as you feel comfortable with, but be sure to group them all together in a bunch so they become one unit, sort of like a flower.  And there you have it.  It's simple, quick and easy, and you can probably make it with items you have in your own closet.  Not only will you look current and on trend, you'll save a few Gs.

Another great thing about an embellished cardigan sweater is that it is so versatile.  You can wear it to work wish serious, and sophisticated pants to add a personal and feminine touch.  You can wear it over a cocktail dress (instead of that annoying stole that always falls off your shoulders and the fringe lands in your drink).  On weekends, you can wear it with jeans and flats to the farmers market.  You can wear it just about anywhere!
Here are a few other options  from the  Back in Style website. Here

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!!

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