Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Monday: Portland Influenced... Podcasts and More

This past week I was in Portland, OR and got to experience their Hipster and Hippie lifestyle for a whole 4 days in the Pacific Northwest. It was beautiful!The food was amazing, the beer was plentiful and the fashion was ALL over the place. Have you seen the show, Portlandia? It's not an exaggeration!

Anyhow, we arrived on Wednesday and spent that day wandering the Pearl District, then all day Thursday and Friday at the Portland Art Museum in a workshop. On Saturday my co-worker, Sarah invited her friend Katy to spend the day with us going to Voodoo Doughnuts, the Saturday Market, the Farmer's Market, the Aerial Tram, the Japanese Garden and dinner at Whiskey Soda Bar (after deciding not to wait 1.5 hours for Pok Pok).  It was a very Portlandian day! To top it all off my new Portlander friend was telling me about her new favorite podcast, Throwing Shade. It's 2 Hollywood writers, a gay man, Brian and his woman BFF, Erin who talk about the week's issues or "shoes" as they call them. I heard a little bit of it, and have decided to subscribe, they are a very funny pair!
Another podcast which was recommended to me while in Portland was Extra Hot Great. It sounds hysterical! I tell you, these hipsters now only know how to blend prints and eat organic...but they also know their humorous podcasts!

Here I am sarcastically excited about Mt. Hood---which I had not yet seen due to cloud coverage. Later on that day I not only saw Mt. Hood but Mt. St. Helen's...are you diggin' my hipster vibe in this picture? Minus my Burberry jacket...but who knows I could have gotten it second hand...they don't need to know I didn't...LOL.

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