Friday, March 23, 2012

Jess + Cec = Kindred Spirits

Today is the very very Happiest Birthday of one of my greatest friends, one of my favorite people, a woman I truly admire and strive to be more like. Never in your life will you meet someone as generous, honest, caring, patient or open minded as Jess (a.k.a. Singleton in the Kitchen). She's bright, pretty, funny and to say she knows her way around a kitchen would be one of my greatest understatements! For the past 16 years she has been there for me through the good, the bad, the silly and the sad. I love her with all my heart, and I honestly feel blessed to call her part of my inner circle. So, cheers to you my friend. I love you, I miss you and I wish you nothing but the best on this your 21st birthday (+++).
Here we are at our BFF Lauren's wedding. I'm not sure how this foxxy thing started with us...but we do it. We do it all the time. Every time we are together we do it!

See! Here we are this past September at HER wedding and we are pulling out our foxxy ears!

Jess lives in DC these days and the following is a series of pictures from a trip I took to see her for a week. It was probably one of my favorite weeks with her ever!

Here we are in front of the White House pulling out our foxxy ears!

As you can see we start dressing very similarly as the week progresses. I love her sense of classic and effortless style.

She even lets me talk her into posing like  paintings in museums!
Here I am with the M sisters! We're at the Deering Estate in Miami when they came to visit for my big 3-0 birthday!

Here we are in Houston at the Beer Can House pulling out the foxxy ears on her 3-0 birthday weekend!

Who says the 80s are a part of the past? We pulled out all the stops for this 80s themed birthday party in Miami

Here she is at a Farmer's Market in DC. Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?
 Today's ensemble is in honor of Mrs. H --- when we spoke on the phone this morning she said she approved. So here you have it, my "stingray" TB Reva flats with red jeans and...

a navy & white striped shirt with navy beaded cardigan on top. I apologize for the quality of the pictures but they were taken on my iPad! I also apologize for looking so sickly--- I am and I have yet to put on makeup!
Anyhooo--- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS! I love you and you may blog on forever and a day!


  1. You are always fabulous. Happy Bday to Jessica!

    1. I lalala love you Cecimee-belle. Thank you for the uber sweet post -- I'm sure I don't deserve even half of your comments! I wish you were up here to romp with me today!! Big hugs, J

    2. A & M don't you agree she deserves every bit of it and more?! xoxo

  2. Cheers to besties! I hope she had a fabulous bday!

  3. Oh you are so cute with your foxy ears! I love it. And you don't look sickly at all, you look adorable

  4. I hope that Jess had a great birthday. So nice having a best friend.
    Have a good week! xo