Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Threads: Mad for Plaid

I love plaid. I think that a smart plaid shirt with a great pair of jeans and the right shoes is as chic as blacktie. Call me crazy! Here are some plaid things I found in the interwebs...

These pants come to you from the land of J.Crew and are currently on sale! I love them! I have considered putting them in my cart, especially since there is an extra 30% off sale items with the code: WINTER... but I'm hoping to shrink in size soon.

This shirt may be for the boys...literally but I think it would look cute on a girl...and if any of you are petit enough to fit into kids clothes, have at it because it comes from the Gap and is also on sale! $21 for it!!

Here is a great classic one for the ladies! This plaid shirt comes from Banana Republic and comes in tan and purple as well. I personally like the navy best. This is the kind of shirt you could have in your closet and wear year after year.
Then you have these cute classic red plaid rain boots! Believe it or not they come to you from Target. I think over a pair of jeans in the winter these would be ridiculously cute!
As if allll that plaid weren't enough---Duck Tape has PLAID duck tape! You can pick up this nifty item at Target or most places Duck Tape is sold.

So there you have it...some of my favorite plaid finds. Are you mad for plaid too?

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  1. plaid duck tape, that is so cool! I love plain pants