Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Threads: A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That

Hello Web Friends! I've been stuck at home caring for Mr. D...but today I am back to life, and hopefully he will be too...I mean I know why people have nannies now. Caring for home, husband, child...and and yourself all while trying to get work done and volunteer work done. It has been a bear, a pill, a plate full!

Anyhow--- I did have to go out and find my mom a birthday present. You may remember from this post that she blew out come birthday candles earlier this week. So what do you get a fashionable woman who has nearly everything she wants? Comfortable PJs is all I could think while on a trip to Target to get supplies for Mr. D I hopped over to Old Navy and found a few things I liked (what's new?!)... This super cute top also comes in blue and is only $36! It's super cute as we start to transition from winter into spring as you could wear it both seasons. Skinny jeans and boots with a vest in the winter... bright red shorts and sandals in the spring. Cute!
Then I went to find my mom the right Pj's... and found this! So before we moved I had the best collection of just right soft cotton V-Neck shirts from J.Crew. Those shirts are now lost somewhere in the endless abyss that is my garage... so I've considered building the collection up again. Ladies, I think I found what with...this V-Neck T comes to you from Old Navy too. I've never looked at their T-Shirt section, but it was great. I'm actually wearing this very T today with J.Crew boyfriend khakis, an over sized white sweater from the Gap and Gold Sperry Dock Siders (cute I know) today. It's such a great shirt and comes in a great selection of colors AND it's only $9.50!
Here is something I'm COVETING...I hope I get some J.Crew gift cards for my birthday next week...because mama wants this! The classic pave link bracelet. It's on back order until next month...but I would say it's worth the wait. I would wear this alone or with my other chunky gold bracelets. Le swoon...le sigh! At $118, it's not really all that bad either.

Also at J.Crew is this cute "wildcat" print shirt. It's $98 and another great shirt to take you from winter into spring. Imagine this with a great coat in the winter, and then a cardigan in the spring? Jeans, pencil skirts, pants...dress it up, dress it down...this shirt is a winner winner chicken dinner!

Last but not least are these Cafe Capri pants from J.Crew, at $79.50 they are quite a bargain. Pair them with the wildcat shirt or even one of those V-neck tees... too too cute! I tried looking for the top they are pictured with but cannot find it on the site...have you all seen it?

One last thing...I've decided something... if you wear something enough it ends up paying for itself. For example, my Tory Burch gold flats for instance... $195..I've worn them easily about 70 times which means that's about $2.78 each time I wear them. They've nearly paid for themselves! So when you are getting ready to buy something ask yourself, "How many times am I going to wear this?" if the answer is once...then you're paying full price... if the answer is a few times...then it's always a sale!

Anyhow--- that's your Thursday Threads this week.



  1. I love all of your Thursday threads! I'm so in love with my J.Crew pavé bracelet, it's probably the prettiest bracelet I own! xoxo

  2. Love the green pants with the print top. The Old navy top is so cute and the price is amazing, I have something like it and paid way more!

  3. The wildcat shirt is so my speed!

  4. oh my gosh i love these picks! i just got the long sleeve leopard silk tee at crew on sale for $40!