Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Threads: Target to the Rescue

Happy Thursday Threads! Today I want to tell you about how Target not only came to the rescue...but to the rescue of some of my uber fashionable friends. As you know, Saturday was babykins' birthday party. On Friday while running around with my mom (Coco as the bebe calls her), I realized I didn't know what I was going to wear to the fete. I'm not 100% loving my jeans these days, as I am STILL fighting to work off the bebe weight...yes I know it's been a year. Sue me.
Anyhow--- I ran through the Target women's department (one of my favorite places to treasure hunt)... and went right for the Levi's Denizen jeans. I had read about them in People Stylewatch...or maybe it was INstyle...point is they were voted best form flattering. People...they are amazing! So I picked up a pair and this super cute shirt from Converse One Star. The shirt was such a hit, 2 of my friends went and bought it--- and then on Tuesday night at my Junior League meeting, I saw 2 other ladies with it on in different prints. It's such a great shirt, and only $25.

The jeans are amahhhzing! I love love love them! They are super stretchy so I don't feel like a fat hoss in them...even though I had to buy a double digit size which I refuse to acknowledge. They are actually so great, I bought the darker wash, and went back later this week and bought the lighter wash. I am going to wear these until they die... or until I can fit into a smaller size, and then have the fullest intentions of buying more in the new smaller cuter size. Best part...they are only $27!

Both items are also available online if you don't feel like going hunting at the store. tomorrow is Veterans Day...AND 11.11.11... so I may not post. If I don't, have a great weekend. If I do---then I'm sure it will be fab.



  1. Sold on those jeans. You should win some for free :)

  2. Totally seeing if my store has that top!

  3. I think your target is better than my target. Or perhaps you just need to treasure hunt with me to help me find these things!

  4. great find! I will give them a go the next time I hit T!