Monday, November 14, 2011

Music Monday: Recently Added

Howdy! I hope you had a nice (and if you were lucky LONG) weekend. In the past I have mentioned what a big part of my life music is. Not only that, but I have a very eclectic tastes in music everything from classic standards to Latin pop. For the past year, I have had Shazam on my phone--and for the most part it has been great in helping me identify tunes I like. Also a culprit of this is my XM radio. I have had it for nearly 3 years and can't imagine going back to terrestrial radio. I usually walk around with a list of songs to download... here are some that I have "Recently Added" to my ipod, and recommend...

Band of Horses. I first discovered this Seattle band about 2 years ago thanks to XM and their song, "Laredo". Well, their latest album has a lovely song called "No One's Gonna Love You". It's so pretty and simple. You may recognize their song "Life on Earth" from the Eclipse Motion Picture Soundtrack (side note--- SO EXCITED for Breaking Dawn this week...will probably blog more about that later this week). Another one of my favorites in recent years has been Death Cab for Cutie. Another band from the great state of Washington...and formed by the talented Ben Gibbard .Gibbard is not only the lead singer for Death Cab, but the Postal Service (whose song "Such Great Heights" is one of my favorites). Well, in their 7th studio album, Death Cab has done it again mixing Ben's sweet vocals with equally sweet tunes. I recently downloaded the catchy and sweeping "Stay Young Go Dancing" . When I was little, a lot of my friends went to a sleep away camp in Georgia called, Camp Cherokee for Girls. One of their camp councilors was one of the Indigo Girls, I would lie if I told you I knew if it was Amy or Emily...I just can't remember. Point is from the age of about 12 or maybe even 10 I have listened to their music and loved it. Their voices and guitars harmonize so beautifully. In February of 2010, I went to my first Indigo Girls concert with a friend, it was so nice to finally hear them live, and naturally ran into a ton of friends, including some of the Camp Cherokee girls. (Fun Fact...I was pregnant and didn't know it at this concert.) ...ANYHOW--- in their latest studio album, there is a song I first heard on XM called, "We Get to Feel it All" with lyrics like, "This is what I learned about you, you set the sun and you hung the moon..." so pretty.

My final recent download was Sondre Lerche's "Night and Day". I first heard Sondre's music while watching a GREAT movie, "Dan in Real Life", the entire soundtrack is Sondre's music. This Norwegian has fun with his music. The lyrics are rooted in recognizable emotions we've all felt...and the music is simple and sweet. "Night and Day" happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time, and I must own half a dozen renditions of it one of them being Bebel Gilberto's which is beautiful...Sondre's version is fun and snappy.

Have you heard anything good recently that you would recommend?

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  1. I love music! It is so inspiring. I like a lot of rap music, but the stuff that is positive like "All of the above," and "Live your life."