Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saint Cecilia and the Lockets of Love: Kendell and Sheri

I'd like to start by saying that today is the Feast of St. Cecilia, the patron Saint of Music. Cecilia, like myself was an only child and she is one of seven women (excluding the Virgin Mary) to be commemorated by name in the Cannon Mass. Basically Cecilia, a noble woman from Rome was tres important. So on this her feast day, I hope all the Cecilia's out there and the ones in my life have a joyful day full of music! Ok---so last week my dear friend Sheri Mazariegos received and loved her lockets with pictures of her children. You may remember them from this post. Well, after a long 8 week period waiting for my oval lockets to come in from my manufacturer...I was able to finish her other locket for her assistant. The large oval displays a picture of her daughter on one side and her son on the other. It's easy to see why this mom would want to wear her beautiful children. ...They are stunning!

I also got pictures from friend, Kendell for the second of her lockets. The first locket was for her sister and featured her two black poodles. This set of black poodles, Poochini and Tosca belong to Kendell herself. The pair is a lively one and I hope Kendell enjoys showing off her babies with this locket.

Don't forget this Friday is the last day to order lockets for the Holidays if you live outside of the state of Florida.

Large Ovals and Hearts (1.5") with 28" chain, sterling silver $100 (+shipping)

Small ovals and squares (1") with 20" chain, sterling silver $75 (+shipping)

Every additional large locket is $50 and every additional small locket is $30.

To see more samples of the lockets please visit my page on Facebook.

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