Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's My Favorite Time of Year! Art Week in Miami

Let the art fun begin! Starting tomorrow night--- (or tonight if I decide to go to MOCA's Vanity Fair party) Art Week begins with the grande dame of them all events, Vernissage. Vernissage is the opening VIP preview night of Art Basel. I will be in attendance this year with the hubs and a couple of friends. The past few years we have had celebrity sightings, Sofia Vergara, Tom Wolfe and Marc Jacobs. For Wednesday Wardrobe I'll be painting my ensemble for the evenings event...as I have been planning it (with a little help from Pinterest). Thursday night I'm going to the Miami Art Museum's (my daytime neighbor) POP (Party of the Plaza) fete. That should be fun...it normally is packed and there are celebrity sightings there as well. One year we saw Ivana Trump with her then husband (now ex)...and same year saw Marc Jacobs (again) running around in a kilt. I'll be escorted by my GBF on this night--which is bound to be fun times!Friday I am taking my staff fair hoping. We're going to start the day at one of the Art Basel conversations, then we are going to the Arsht Center for a Food Truck lunch on their plaza and then we'll buzz over to Art Miami.

It's going to be lots of fun! I'm excited to see all of it, the art, the spectacle, the people, what people are wearing...all of it!

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