Thursday, September 8, 2011

THursday Threads: Post Herald Spot

I went to Fashion Night Out tonight with my gubby C. We went to Merrick Park in Coral Gables---lots of fun, great cocktails...and while making our way back to Nordstroms from Neiman Marcus, the Miami Herald fashion reporter (or at least one of them) stopped me and asked if I minded getting my picture taken and then answering a few questions. Naturally, I said no... a few pics later, she asked me my name, age, what inspired my ensemble, occupation, what I was wearing, and then she asked about my cSd locket and my blog. So sometime next week in the Herald there will be a picture with a few doodads from moi.

Above is a drawing of what I wore tonight... oh yeah...I'm wearing a joke!


  1. You definitely would NOT have a black band over your eyes in the magazines

  2. Ooo how exciting! I hope you post a link on your facebook!