Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Threads: Fall Style on a "Boogeh"

It's September 1 and this weekend is Labor Day weekend. Although I live in Miami and it will be hot and steamy for the next month and a half--- it is the end of the summer and fall is upon us. I decided to take a look on the Old Navy website and see what goodies I could find for the new season. Here are my favorites...all to be worn with a nice cardigan and would work well with one of those new to die for pencil skirts from J.Crew or a great pair of jeans. This bow tie top from Old Navy also comes in black, but I like the white myself. I tend to wear more white tops than black--- and I thought the bow pops more in the lighter color.

Remember the animal print scarf I posted a couple of weeks ago? Well it's mine now---and though I would never wear it with this shirt--- I love this shirt. Pair this up with a great orange or red skirt...maybe even hot pink! Nice! The sleeveless white bow tie wasn't the only one there. There was also this 3/4 sleeve version of it. It also comes in a pretty copper color, but again I was drawn to the white. Have I mentioned I love white tops? Again, pair this with a pencil skirt or a pair of wide leg trousers for work--- or flared jeans on the weekend. It's a great top!

...and then I found these! I have seen them in real life...and I was tempted when I saw them--- but then I reminded myself I was there for flare jeans and a gingham shirt, not rain boots... These are really fantastic and they come in this great shade of grey too!

I can't help it that Thursday Threads comes so easily from Old Navy-- but now that I'm a mommy...its easier to spend money at Old Navy than at my first love, J.Crew.

Happy Thursday!