Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Threads: College Football Gear

It is college football season. To me this is far more important and exciting than NFL football. The real passion is in NCAA football. I went to SMU which is synonymous with having been given the death penalty in the 80's for blatantly doing what other teams their players. Anyhow---SMU football is finally getting attention, we have a beautiful stadium on campus (key!) and tailgating is a must every game day up and down the Boulevard.
Last year I missed my 10 year reunion because I was 34+ weeks prego with I daydream a lot about going back to the Hilltop and what I would wear to a game. Above is a fantastic selection I found of things I really really want and need in my life. Those red pants and skirt...a MUST!

Do you enjoy NCAA football? Do you have great school gear you put on nearly every weekend?

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  1. I saw a documentary on that the other day! Pretty crappy that they were made an example of.