Thursday, November 19, 2009

Work in Progress

Last night I know that I posted the beginning if the bag project. Tonight I wanted to show the progress of the bag.
This is an experiment. I know it needs work... does anyone have recommendations for a good fabric pen? The black paint isn't working well for my signature outlines.
I was going to do a double monogram but my trusty art critique said I should do monogram on one side and a signature image on
the other side. That's why I went with the signature Texas flag in honor of SMU.
The bottom of the bag is striped in SMU colors. I'm thinking of doing a red band across the top---but not sure...I also still need to outline the heart--- but I don't want to do that until I find the right fabric pen.
So there is my work in progress.


  1. It looks awesome. You are such an artist. I need major help in that department! xoxo


  2. MUST HAVE SMU BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Except with my initals, not yours. :)

    Sorry I can't help with the fabric pen. Perhaps run to Joann's and ask for suggestions.