Saturday, November 14, 2009

Still listening...

I've been captivated by the wise old owl as of late.

I'm pretty sure as soon as I am done with commissioned work, that the next painting I will work on will be of an owl.
Thank you to those of you who commented back on the last blog entry. My friend J said she really liked the owl---so I thought I would post the owls that I drew that night and the finished owl that I posted earlier.
I think I am enjoying the owl because I can imagine the conversations my anthropomorphised creatures would have. Take for instance the two pink ones... I call that sketch, "Two Owls Walked Into a Bar"
The one owl would say to the other owl,
"Hey Phil, you look like you you ate something funny"
and then the other owl would say, "Yeah, I had the other half of that mouse you left behind"
Good times... good times.
Anyhow---its not too late to tell me what to draw for a chance to win your suggestion on canvas! Spread the word and tell your friends.


  1. Yay for owls, thanks Cec. I do love the wise old owl.
    You know I love everything that you draw, so it's hard for me to give your directions.

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  4. i love the owls ...but how about know how i feel about them