Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A little something something...

So tonight I started working on a new project. This is the first bag I've done--- so I'm making it for myself as a prototype.

I'll do the other side too, I just have to wait for the paint to dry--- and I may do things on the sides... stripes or something. I am really excited to see where these reusable shopping bag go as far as designs can go.

Today I signed up for my first bazaar--- Saturday December 12 on Key Biscayne. I'll sell original art, onesies, T-Shirts and be taking orders for everything including bags. I'm also going to try and have prints ready for the sale.

We'll see. ---but what do you think??

...also it's not too late to tell me what to draw for a chance to win your suggestion on canvas!


  1. That's fun! I love reusable shopping bags (as you know!). I can't wait to see if you decide to add a design, such as stripes, to the bag.

    I've been pondering telling you what to draw, and for some reason letters keep popping into my head. That's what I thought of originally, but I dismissed it. A deconstructed monogram? A big jumble of letters fallen off the page of a book? Alphabet soup? I like the idea of using letters as sorts of "characters" maybe a la sophisticated Sesame Street. Who knows?

    Also, because it's this time of year, what about snowflakes?

  2. Are u doing the winterfest? on the 12?

  3. the tote bag - love it - you could paint little fruits and veggies on them for groceries