Sunday, November 22, 2009

Done and done

So I found the fabric marker--- and finished the bag.
Thank you everyone who chimed in and has enjoyed this new product to the cSd line. I'm happy to take orders--- just email me.

I'm going to use this for work this week and see how it holds up--- I expect it should do beautifully.

I'm going to make a few bags for the Bazaar next month. This one is a nice size good for groceries, toting things around for yourself, the kids--- to school...all sorts of things!

My friend Robin has already put in a request for her own monogrammed Texas heart bag. She's a events planner so I know that the bag will be taken here, there and everywhere holding everything from seating charts to sign-in sheets.

I may get a small one to make for my niece Olivia--- hers would have her monogram and a mermaid probably. Anyhow-- stay tuned for more bags.

To order email me,
This size ba (13" tall x 17.5" wide), $30

1 comment:

  1. I want one! But first I need to figure out what sort of design I want on it. I have some ideas . . .

    I'm so impressed with all of your great ideas these days!