Friday, October 23, 2009

Save Kate!

Last night I went to Aventura Mall for a Junior League event, Shopping Card for a Cause kick-off.

The deal is you buy this $50 card and from October 24-November 8 you get 20% off over 100 stores in Miami. It's fantastic! ...especially for savvy budget deal-hunting shopping girls like me. I open up my booklet with the list of stores and to my surprise I see, Kate Spade. Well I immediately make a run (as fast as a girl can after a few glasses of wine in heels) for the store.

When I get there I am greeted by two lovely attendants, Janna and Anne. They are attentive and friendly...and then lay the bad news on me... the store (which has been open for about a year) is closing in early November!

...Aventura was not the place for them it seems. I recommended they try to get Kate Spade Corp. to move them to the Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables (where I think they would sell hand over fist)... and they loved the idea...which apparently they had heard several times over.

"The best thing you can do is write letters and emails to NYC and tell them how you feel. The customer has a strong voice with the company." is what Anne told me.

So, now I'm telling you.
If you, like me are a fan of the fun and playful line of bags, shoes, jewels, paper, eye wear and now clothes--- send an email to or you can call M-F starting at 8:30am, 1-800-519-3778

Thanks and let's save Kate in Miami!!

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