Friday, October 16, 2009

Chef Ninja

Tonight I took the night off from D and went to the Arsht Center of the Performing Arts with 3 friends for the Celebrity Chef Series.
Tonight's two chefs were Ingrid Hoffman and Daisy Martinez from the Food Network.
Daisy Martinez was hysterical and she inspired a new drawing/painting for me to do...
She called the student chefs from Johnson and Wales University, "Chef Ninjas" .
I immediately had this image of a ninja with a chef's hat and apron... LOVE IT!
I will draw this and post at some point.... the meantime...although it is Friday night---my day job is calling. I have to be in at 7:30am tomorrow morning for an 80 teacher workshop on Object Based Learning and how to use the museum as a resource. I'm really looking forward to it...but not about waking up at the crack of dawn and missing football all day tomorrow.
So, buenas noches.

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