Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cardboard Paintings

I did these a long time ago---this is what happens when I happen to have my paints out and something to paint on.
I am quite partial to the tribal looking one on the bottom... I may have to try that on a larger scale... what do y'all think?
Anyhow--- it's Saturday and my Gators have won (again-hoorah) and so SMU Mustangs are tied 7-7 playing Navy at home.
I'm pulling for a win here...
What else have I done since getting home from a LONG day (teacher workshop 7am-4pm)--- sorted through canvas and labeled them for paintings that I must must must start.


  1. You are amazing! Love your paintings. xoxo


  2. Ceci,
    Something to look into trying on a big scale i like the texture the cardbord gives the paint.