Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Art Talk Tuesday: Folk Color Block and Inspirations of Color

Over the past few months dramatic aesthetic changes have been happening at our museum. The changes began to occur before I went on maternity leave, but were not done until after I was gone. There are still walls being painted and amazing artifacts being exhumed for public viewing, but this wall caught my eye yesterday.
This is in the new Folk Life Gallery. I love the way the colors intercept and clash all at the same time. It inspired me to go out and buy a new notebook for this new phase in our history at the history museum. This is what I found...
Look familiar? The instant I saw it, I knew this had to be the one. This lead to me think about the many ways art inspires our actions in life on a daily basis. What colors to wear, where to go on vacation...or simply how to stop and enjoy the simple things. Does art inspire you? 



  1. Love it! It does inspire me. The design is so simple but elegant!

    -the Preppy Student

    1. If you're ever in Miami, you should come see our walls. :)