Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Threads: Bright As Yellow

If you're like me, neon shades of color was something that filled your closet in the 80s. Neon yellow and pink were my favorite neon colors, and lately I've noticed they are making a come back. Like all come back trends you don't want to spend a ton of money on these fun pieces. Here are a few I've found that you might like. 
This neon yellow skull scarf is from Target and can be just the right amount of neon punch you need. It's only $15 so not a big investment for something you can wear over and over again.
These neon yellow khakis are super cute and come to us from our friends at the Gap. They are really comfortable and you can wear them with a light pink, blue or white. A nice stripe in white and navy would be cute too. This pair will set you back $50. There is a similar pair in denim at Target right now. The Gap and Target also have other neon shades like pink available.

These vintage looking v-neck shirts from Old Navy are the best! I discovered them last fall and have been adding to my collection ever since. They recently added a few neon shades. They are only about $8 a piece and cost less when you buy more than one. Can't go wrong with that!

So there you have it! A nice and inexpensive way to bring some 80s fun into the 21st century for not a lot of dough. 

Happy Shopping!


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