Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Threads: Birthday Wishes

It is my birthday on Tuesday of next week. Here are some realistic things that I would love to get...(but probably won't).

I have been eyeing this LL Bean bag for a while. My plan is to get it monogrammed in orange or red. Unfortunately the bag is on back order until like March! However, at only $25 for the medium it is worth the wait!
The J.Crew beaded rose necklace is so pretty! It's unfortunately not on their website anymore, which leads me to believe it's gone gone gone. It was $128 and so perfect for the spring!

I could also use a new small digital camera. Mine is dying dying dying!

Hope you've having a great week!!



  1. I have that tote from a wedding. Love it. I choose orange for the monogram. Love that necklace. Also need a new tini digi as I dropped mine in san francisco in the middle of a marathon. Oopsies.