Friday, September 21, 2012

Week-Ender 21

Another fantastic week! There were a few events that I was having such fun at that I totally forgot to pull out my this morning I was at a fashion preview for the Beaux Arts ball at Neimans...oh well! Never the less, the week started with my Goddaughters 3rd birthday party and from there our adventures included visits to Key Biscayne, matching friends, famous friends and a new BFF for Mini.

Candy Bar
Drawing with Tia Kiki

Go Gators (a new phrase!)

dots and birds

this little girl looks like she went through my closet!

Not on purpose

Fab and famous femme friend Violette!

C's family collage

Heading to the Key


My city by the Bay

Four eyes

New BFFs

Time for tea with the girls

Have a fantastic weekend! May the sun shine on your shoulders and champagne be served at brunch!



  1. Lovely photos. I love Key Biscayne (sorry if I mispelled)

    1. Ugh, the Key is THE BEST! I love it. Hope you are super!!