Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Monday: Rules of Dee

Like many others last fall, I read the Hunger Games. When the movie came out, I was there like a bear. Then the music started. Some movies integrate their soundtrack fluidly, think Forrest Gump -- others don't yet the music is lovely, think The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games soundtrack was full of beautiful music such as this song, Rules by Jayme Dee. I recently heard this song on the XM station, The Coffee House.  It's such a pretty song, and if you read the books, or saw the film, then you will like the song even more. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you had a nice weekend!



  1. Lauryn LOVES the Hunger Games (did you notice the mockingjay pin her friend gave her in my birthday shout out to her last week?) I'm going to share your post with her today...she'll love it!

    1. Love it! Let her post a comment!! :)

  2. I loved The Hunger games and read all of the books!
    The music in a movie is so so important!Loved this!

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