Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Threads: This is a Man's World

Men. Can't live with them...can't live without them. But if you are going to live with them, shouldn't they look good? Nothing makes my heart skip a beat more than a well dressed man. A man who is not afraid to think about his attire and make it come together effortlessly. This week, I am dedicating my Thursday Threads to things I think every man should own. The simple classics, that when put together make you look like a million bucks, therefore leaving a lasting impression (a good one).
This whole ensemble is amazing. It comes to us courtesy of our friends at J.Crew... the sweater (something I would even get for myself) is perfection with elbow pads. You can find it online here for $90.
As Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother would say, "Suit up". Nothing in this world beats a man in a well tailored suit. This suit is also brought to you by our friends at J.Crew and for $395 it too can be yours by clicking here. A black suit is always best as it can take you anywhere! Make sure you have a white dress short for your black suit gentlemen.
In my MOST humble opinion...EVERY man should own a tuxedo, AND know how to tie a real tried and true bow tie! is a little number (again from J.Crew) to get you going on that project. It too can be yours for $525 online.
What else? A tie...not just any tie... for $195, an Hermes tie of course!
What else? Good dress shoes, in black. Think Gucci... although I know you can find great men's dress shoes at Nordstroms without being Gucci.

An amazing watch! Baum and Mercier's Capeland is an amazing option, as is a Cartier Pasha....what's $5000 when you can tell time in style?

You'll have to write thank you you may as well do it with a classic Mont Blanc fountain pen.
Naturally you will need something with panache to carry your notes in, so how about a portfolio/ briefcase just for that? Something like this.'ll need to get yourself from place to place. Boys and their toys...

Happy Shopping!


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