Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Threads: Kate Spade Highlights

Hello, hello! This week I am bringing you my current favorite pieces from Kate Spade. I am a sucker for glitter! You would think I am 6...but alas we all know I am not. Kate however, seems to have the same affinity for glittery goodness as you will see with two of the pieces to be worn on fun and festive occasions. The third piece can be worn everyday and is sweet and subtle.
The Sawyer heel in "multi" This is a PARTY PARTY PARTY on your feet! How can you NOT dance the night away in these lovelies?!
I normally would NOT recommend matching your glittery shoes with a glittery bag...however...this clutch has a frog prince on top! If there is one thing I like more than glitter, it is a sweet frog prince. Kate again hits two of my weaknesses with this one!
  This pretty bow bangle can be worn everyday on its own, or paired with other bracelets. I love how feminine and subtle it is (especially compared to the other glittery goodies).

All of these pieces can be currently found online at Kate Spade.

Happy Shopping!



  1. If you're 6, then so am I! haha I love it, good choices! I've been eyeing those heels for a while now, they are calling my name. xo

    1. They are so fantastic...and I don't even really wear heels!! :) xoxo