Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Art Talk Tuesday: Mermaid with an Attitude

A few years ago I painted a series of mermaids with issues (ex. mermaid who couldn't keep her hair curly in the water, a mermaid who thought she was fat...). Last summer a friend of mine passed away after a short but fierce battle with cancer. Ms. D has the best attitude in the world, "Eff it or love it" was her general MO. A talented artist and passionate politician, she was the kind of woman you loved to watch in action. Ms. D loved her cocktails, cigarettes and music to dance to. A few months ago I decided to draw a Ms. D inspired mermaid, as she was always a fan of the mermaid. This is Ms. D the mermaid. D, we love you, we miss you, you're always in our hearts.


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