Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: A Pop of Orange

Happy Wednesday! I have to say I love it when people compliment what I am wearing, especially when I tell them where I got something and their jaws drop---i.e. you don't have to spend a million to look like a million.
Anyhow---today I've got a pop of orange going.  Not an ordinary shade of orange...but somewhere hovering in between traffic cone and fireball!

1. Ray Ban eyeglasses
2. Silver key, Tiffanys
3. Beige with orange trim cardigan, Old Navy
4. Orange (same-ish shade) tank, Target
5. Chambray tie waist skirt, Old Navy
6. Camel colored Eddie Flat, Tory Burch

Also--- have you heard of Stylitics? It's a website where you catalogue your wardrobe and can log when you wore what...its suppose to be a good way to see often  you were certain outfits and colors. Sounds cool...I started building my "closet" but I have to tell you...they say the avg. # of items a member has in their closet is 20...that's just the amount of Tory Burch flats I have! ...if you want to try it  click here and ask to be in the beta. In theory it's cool----in practice it seems time consuming.


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