Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday: Whitney Houston

I remember it, not crystal clear...but I remember it. I was 7 years old when her first album was released and I instantly liked the sound of it all. The poppy tunes, the catchy lyrics, the big bows in the hair and ruffled skirts in the videos. I wanted to get up and dance with Whitney every chance I could!
My favorite was "How Will I Know" (which I use to sing about my 2nd grade crush...dramatic I know!) and "I Want to Dance with Somebody" (where in my mind I empathised with Whit because I TOO wanted to dance with somebody in the 2nd grade). As I got older Whitney still had it and I continued to be a fan of her music with songs like "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and "Heartbreak Hotel".
There is no denying that she was gifted, and her voice was that of record breaking status. Even when things started to get weird (thanks Bobby) she was still Whitney. SNL did a great job with Maya Rudolph as Whitney and she herself was a parody of herself on her reality show. So thank you Whitney. Thanks for being a part of my childhood memories, and my laughs as an adult. Your music will live on forever.


  1. Whitney was my sister's fave when she was little...Every time I hear her music, it reminds me of being a kiddo. Such a tragedy!

  2. Yes, she was an icon of her own and a gifted treasure that will leave a void in many lives.

    My heart goes out to her daughter, and family.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful week!!! :o)